Games for Hire

New Games for Hire

3D Tic Tac Toe

3D Tic Tac Toe

Play the disks in turn onto the squares with the aim of getting four in a row. Either Horizontally, Diagonally or Vertically.

Big connect four

Connect Four

Slide the disks down the frame to make 4 in row.

Batik game


Slide the different shapes down between the clear panes.
The one who’s piece pokes out of the top is the looser

Plinko game


Slide the disks down the board from the arrows to see where they land.

Bull board game

Bull Board

Throw the bean bags so that they land onto the board and score the points.

If a bag lands on a ” B” square it is minus two points.

Ring toss game

Ring Toss

Toss the rings at board so they land on a peg.

Wall climb game

Wall Climb

Pull the cords to make the ball climb the wall without it falling into a hole.

Ladder golf game

Ladder Golf

Toss the balls that are tied together so that they wrap around the bars.

Quilles game


Stand back and swing the ball so that it knocks over the skittles.
The Red Skittle is worth two points.

Tower of pisa game

Tower of Pisa

Place the sticks carefully in turn onto the tower so that they don’t fall down. The player who makes the tower fall is the looser.

Quoits game


Throw the rope rings so that land over the pegs and score the points.

Disk up load game

Disk Up Load

Place the blocks carefully onto the hanging disk so that they balance.

The player’s block that causes the disk to tip is the looser.

Shiskaball drop game

Shiskaball Drop

First place the sticks through the netting then load the balls on top. Then pull the sticks out carefully so that the balls don’t drop. The player who causes the least number of balls to drop is the winner

Rope tug game

Rope Tug

Each player stands on one of the square stands and holds an end of the rope then tries to pull the other player off their stand.
It’s more about balance than strength.

Corn hole game


Throw the bean bags at the board so they go down the holes and score points.

3D Three in a row game

3D Three in a Row

Place the large disks onto the pegs to get three disks in row.

Hanging Labyrinth game

Hanging Labyrinth

Move the ball through the labyrinth by carefully moving the hanging frame up and down.

Hanging Maze game

Hanging Maze

Move the ball through the maze by moving the hanging frame up and down and side to side.

Giant jenga game

Giant Jenga

Stack the blocks and remove one black at a time without letting them all fall down.

Sliding Disks game

Sliding Disks

Slide the disks down the frame to get two rows of four disks in a row.

Pyramid game

Pyramid Game

Place the spheres onto the board to make a pyramid, and win by placing the last sphere onto the top.